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Monday, December 4, 2017

Reindeer ADVENTure log: Day 3

Reindeer ADVENTure Day 5: Letter "R" Tracing Worksheets

Link to the PDF: Letter "R" worksheets

Reindeer ADVENTure Day 9: Reindeer Card

Reindeer ADVENTure Day 9: Reindeer Card

ADVENTure log: Day 10 -- Migration

Link to the PDF: ADVENTure log: Day 10

Link to the PDF: ADVENTure log: Day 13

Reindeer ADVENTure: Day 11 -- My Boreal Forest 
Link to PDF project sheet: My Boreal Forest

Reindeer Wood Slice Project Sheet
Link to PDF: Reindeer Wood Slice

My Treehouse: Power Drill BASICS

I have big news for you, Treehouse Family! 

We were treated to a very special surprise at the Milwaukee County Zoo after my daughters zoo class. While we were finishing our class at the reindeer exhibit, we saw a familiar face talking with the Zookeepers. 

Santa Clause seemed to be a bit distraught. Three of his reindeer were sick and he needed three strong reindeer to help pull his sleigh. Ms. Colette, the reindeer's Zookeeper, had no problem allowing the reindeer to go out for Santa's big run. Santa's only request was that we needed to leave reindeer food. 

I thought how I could help and remembered that Gingerbread House was our new way to cook food and share recipes with our family. It's an easy recipe and really tasty too! So, please make the reindeer food for the three reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh from the Milwaukee County Zoo. It's up to you to help keep them strong for the big journey, Treehouse Family!

Reindeer Food Recipe 

Announcing: Gingerbread House Cooking School

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The Treehouse Family

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