My Nature Wand and My Spider Mobile

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My Nature Wand is a great activity for ages 0-12, because it allows for all children to take an active part in the process. Older children feel empowered to gather all of the materials and follow the illustrated instructions, while the younger children just love playing with the bubbles. Everyone benefits from the shared time together through creativity and problem-solving.

In our Critter Corner, you see that the ground squirrel is the featured animal of the week. At Treehouse, we tailor the weeks activities to what you as a family might see with the changing of the seasons. I encourage you to call up a few friends for a play date and  have some fun with the scavenger hunt! These activities are so much more enriching to the learning process if other children are learning together.

To download project sheets and print at home: Right-click the image, download as a JPEG and save to your desktop. Please note that most printers are not borderless, so you might have to cut around the edge to remove that annoying white border. So, print out your project/parent sheets and get outside!

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The Treehouse Family

Treehouse Magazine Issue 1
Treehouse -- Issue1/Fall 2016
Treehouse Magazine Issue 1

I know not everyone is a fan of spiders, but it is important to educate kids that spiders are essential to our ecosystem and without them, the natural order and hierarchy would be in jeopardy. I decided that the Orb-Weaver was our critter this week, so you can share a few fun facts with your child from the parent sheet.

After you have gathered all of your materials for the Spider-mobile project and before your little ones go to assemble this weeks project, play the Montessori-inspired game, My Spider Eyes. This game is a great exercise for little one's who are just learning to count. I have provided the word and also small circles, so you and your child can "see" what two looks like, as well as sounding out the word.

As for the Spider Mobile project, I have added pine cone weaving in step one because it is an amazing activity for smaller children; it really works on those fine motor skills!

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