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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

For the month of October we studied owls. We dissected an owl pellet in our Facebook classroom and I did a LIVE Facebook demo: My Great Horned Bark Owl for our nature craft project. Unfortunately, my work schedule was a bit hectic with three large projects for Kiwico, and as a result, the owls issue was rather small. My apologies to many of you who were hoping for more projects and live video tutorials.

Our Facebook classroom (Treehouse Nature School) will be the hands-on space to share ideas and a special place where kids can share what they have created. When I was thinking of how I wanted to reach out to the community with my ideas, I knew that I wanted Treehouse magazine to be very child-centered. Each month I will share art and ideas from our "students" from Treehouse Nature School in that particular issue of the magazine.

Lastly, I will be introducing Team Treehouse. Team Treehouse is a family that has gone above and beyond in our classroom setting and has injected their inspiration and creativity into all projects and subject matter for that month. They are an awesome team and should be recognized. So, the family that has interacted with the magazine the most that month will get their own illustrated full page spread in that issue of Treehouse Magazine complete with stats and a half-page gallery devoted to their artwork and projects. 

As always, a big thank you to everyone that has offered ideas and solutions during the early stages of this journey. I am so happy that Treehouse has brought so many people from so many different cultures together to share in our love of nature and our children. You all truly make Treehouse an outstanding community to be apart of.

Please share Treehouse with your friends and family and if you feature us in your blog, please leave a link in the comments below.

To download project sheets and print at home: Right-click the image, download as a JPEG and save to your desktop. Or you can simply drag and drop. All files are 8 1/2" X 11" and fit any standard home printer. Or you can access and download the entire issue via this link in PDF format:

Share your pictures with us on instagram: @treehousemagazine
Mention us on Facebook: @treehousekidsmagazine @treehousenatureschool.
Send us a tweet: @mytreehousekids

We would love to know how it went!

The Treehouse Family

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  1. I am already in love with your site! I can't wait for your next installment!


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